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Vincent O’Brien

Doonbeg, County Clare

Vincent O’Brien was born and reared in the village of Doonbeg in an area known as ‘The Lane’. While both of his parents were musical, his mother was a wonderful lilter who also played the concertina.

Vincent himself would grow up to be a fine lilter, accompanying himself on the spoons. When Vincent was in full flight, he would break into a roguish smile he blessed himself with the spoons half way through a reel or a jig. That smile was an indication that he had his audience in the palm of his hand. He knew then that he was on the crest of a wave that would bring a better harvest than carraigin or sliuchan. Pints would flow, songs would be sung and more tunes lilted.

Vincent was the last of the characters in the village and his popularity was reflected in the large number of people who came to bid him farewell when he was laid to rest. His friends Murt Collins, Michael Falsey and Peadar Crotty paid a musical tribute to him at his graveside.
When True Lovers Meet - Vincent O'Brien
Vincent O’Brien
Vincent O’Brien